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I Buy Pretty Houses™ can help you overcome obstacles presenting barriers to home ownership by providing opportunities for buyers who have the income, down payment, and can pass a background check, but do not qualify for a traditional mortgage or bank loan.

I Buy Pretty Houses™ focuses on lease options and purchases which provide an alternative to traditional mortgage loans. This allows you to purchase a home by leasing it for a specific period,  then buying it at the end of your term, providing you with a flexible and affordable solution.

Unlike others who only offer ugly houses in need of repair or fixer-uppers (no offense – we love HGTV, too!), we pride ourselves on offering pretty homes in good condition, in pretty neighborhoods. You deserve a beautiful and comfortable place to live that you would be proud to call home. And move into immediately without any additional expense.

But first, we need to hear from you!

We believe everyone deserves to own a home. Credit should not prevent that dream from becoming a reality.

To begin your journey to homeownership, click here to complete our buyer application. We understand every buyer’s situation is unique, and have created a simple confidential process to qualify.

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